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This is a no-stress player that allows you to play the files in your filesystem at a single click and also when you press one of the UP or DOWN arrows. The file plays immediately.

The folders are changed quickly using a single click.

It is most useful for audio files, when you have a large collection of sound effect files and want to quickly listen to them using just the UP-DOWN arrow keys on your physical keyboard.

It will try to play any file you select but it will show an error popup if the file content is unsupported.

Apart from the File Navigator UI, all the other UI of the app is inside the Right Click Menu.

The File Navigator UI component is inherited from Windows 3.1, you can observe the drive icon that is the same as in the Windows 3.1 File Manager. Also the layout of the file navigator is the same as in Windows 3.1, with the folders on the right side and the file list on the left side and the filter placed above the file list... :)

Download Win32 executable file (Compiled in 1997 !)

Source code (1997): Delphi 3 project, can still be compiled in Embarcadero (tested in 2023), but the UI will look different than when compiled on the old Delphi.


The classic game, customized in order to be highly addictive:


Download the game from here, unzip and then use 7zip with password "123" to unpack the multi-volume archive located in the "Windows Executable Program" subfolder.

Source code: